Historical Facts

Brief Historical Facts About Bethel AME Church

Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Churc hasa long and interesting history, much of which has been carried away into eternity by those who have passed into the great beyond. Bethel Churc was started by what was known as the “stick of Pompano” and was probably the first black church in the area. As early as 1909, a few persons of African Methodist faith and learning began having services in warehouses, and toll sheds. The leader of the group was a man call Parson Ella Rolle, a local minister from the West Indies.

Saluting the Past Ministers of Salters Chapel.

1914- Reverend Whiteheart

1915- Reverend Dailey

1918-Reverend L. A. Fobbs

1922-Reverend Bonnerpart

1923-Reverend J. B. Blacknail, Sr.

1924-Revrend John Henry Williams

1925-Reverend J. W. Witherspoon

1926-Revrend R. W. Lincoln

1927-Reverend Ernest Fobbs

1928-Reverend Williams Buggs

1929-1946 Bethel AME Church

Dedicated Ministers Served

1930-Reverend M. M. Linsdsey

1931-Reverend J. W. Wesley

1932-Reverend J. R. Wilson

1934-Reverend Henry Hill

1935-Reverend D. A. Anderson

1941-Reverend C. J. Jenkins

1946-Revrend J. R. Thompson

1948-165 Bethel AME Church

Dedicated Ministers Served

1948-Reverend A.A. Allen, The Presiding Elder

1949- Rev. J. R. Thompson, Re-appointed

1952-*Rev. R. H. Mobley, Re-appointed 1961

1959-Revered A. A. Williams

1962-Reverend W. S. White

1962-Reverend Milton Fayson

1965-Reverend H. M. Salmon

Reverend D. A. Russell


This time gives us pause to reflect on the Pastor appointed to Greater Bethel AME Church as “the Builder”. In 1966, Pompano grew, the membership increased and the need for a larger and more comfortable edifice as evident.

After long and careful planning and preparation, ground-breaking ceremony was held.

In 1967, Greater Bethel AME Church was completed at a cost of $96,000, with a seating compacity of 1200.

1968- Bethel Women’s Missionary Society was organized. Sister Mary Streeter served a president,

1970 – Rev. S. A. Cousin was appointed.

Rev. W. J. Jackson followed in 1973,

Let us reflect on the Rev. F. R. Satchel, Sr. and his administration here at Bethel.

Reverend F. R. Satchel, Sr.

1987-2001 (15 Years)

Special Programs Initiated:

1988- Bethel’s “Man of the Year”

Bro. Samuel Sworn given the ho ors

1992- Heroes of Bethel

1993 Hosted the South Florida Annual Conference

1994- Miss Junior Bethel

Rachel French was crowned

1994- Men and Women’s Day

Family and Friends’ Day

1995-Children’s Story Hour

Rev, Henry R. Jacosn was appointed Pastor following Rev. Satchel’s administration.

In 2005, Rev. T. R. Francisco, Sr. followed.

Let’s reflect on Rev. Francisco’s administration.

Reverend T. R. Francisco, Sr.

2005 – 2010

He was a spiritual leader that continued the programs of Rev. Satchel . One of his most

Memorable additions to our Special Programs was The Harvest Festival. It was a program of Arts, Music and Harvest. A delicious dinner followed with the harvested fruits and Vegetables were auctioned off.

A wonderfully colorful event.

Reverend Eddy Moise, Jr.

)ctober, 2010 – Present

Reverend eddy Moise, Jr. greeted the Bethel Leadership and Members on the Saturday after his appointment at Bethel’s altar with the words “Let us Pray”

Since that morning he has continued in prayer and servant-hood. Under his vision we are continuing going forward in faith.

It is pleasure to work with him, his lovely wife, Roberta and three children Eddy, III, Elizabeth, and Emmanuel.

Under Rev. Moise’s Leadership Bethel has hosted:

1912 – South Florida Annual Conference

1915- Central District Church School Convention

Rev. Moises vision for the church includes:

Vision: To Connect Ordinary People ( All Generations) to an Extraordinary GOD through Discipleship, Evangelism, Fellowship, Worship, Stewardship, and Service.

Mission: To transform a multigenerational multicultural world into disciples of Jesus Christ. Matthew 28:16

Theme-2015: A Time of Abundance: John 10:10b

Three Point Focus: Worship-Discipleship-Missions